[Marxism] Make Capitalism Gay article is homophobic!

Shane Brinton comradebrinton at moscowmail.com
Sat May 7 20:01:02 MDT 2005

> The "Make Capitalism Gay" article hit me as homophobic and 
> insensitive to those anti-capitalists who are Gay such as myself.
> Is this message not clear enough?

What did you find homophobic? I'm not trying to take a side here. I'm just curious what it was about the article that offended you.

I could see how it might be perceived as slightly insensitive. But I doubt that it was intentional. Sometimes anti-capitalists who are not gay, or at least not involved in the gay rights movement or as aware of such issues, make these sorts of mistakes.

As an anti-capitalist who is a straight white male, this is something that I've had to learn to deal with on a lot of different levels... and I'm continuing to struggle with it.

So... if you expanded on your critique, I think it might actually be beneficial to the author, and others like myself.

Otherwise it just sounds like a lot of hot air. 

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