[Marxism] NY Times gets Spiked-online right--literally

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun May 8 08:33:44 MDT 2005

NY Times, May 8, 2005
The Reading File
Did Blair Win, or Did an Entire Country Lose?

An early, dyspeptic reaction to the British elections was posted Friday by 
Mick Hume, the editor of the conservative Web site, Spiked-online 

The results reveal a political system in stasis ... less like a vibrant 
contest than the night of the living dead. This is not, as many claim, all 
about Blair or Iraq. It is about the crisis of authority and legitimacy 
that now afflicts the entire political class. The electoral disappointments 
of all the parties provide a snapshot of a moribund British and wider 
European political culture. ... This is the electoral side effect of the 
demise of any sense of humanity's history-making potential in our society.

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