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Sun May 8 22:46:59 MDT 2005

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> I'd heard Stereolab before, but somehow missed this song.

As a recent posting by me says, I am a big fan of this Battle Hymn band. 
Even if I like hardcore rather than pop.

Their political lyrics are among the best ever. I mean, some of them are 
classes on marxism turned into incredibly cetchy pop songs.

Since you like folk, "Ping Pong" in particular reminds me of Phil Och's 
"Power and Glory" as an exercise in revolutionary irony...

Come and take a walk with me thru this green and growing land
Walk thru the meadows and the mountains and the sand
Walk thru the valleys and the rivers and the plains
Walk thru the sun and walk thru the rain

Here is a land full of power and glory
Beauty that words cannot recall
Oh her power shall rest on the strength of her freedom
Her glory shall rest on us all (on us all)

>From Colorado, Kansas, and the Carolinas too
Virginia and Alaska, from the old to the new
Texas and Ohio and the California shore
Tell me, who could ask for more?

Yet she's only as rich as the poorest of her poor
Only as free as the padlocked prison door
Only as strong as our love for this land
Only as tall as we stand

But our land is still troubled by men who have to hate
They twist away our freedom & they twist away our fate
Fear is their weapon and treason is their cry
We can stop them if we try


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