[Marxism] cuban doctors in Vzla

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon May 9 01:01:28 MDT 2005

My impression was of a higher number: 20,000, but that included
doctors, dentists, sports trainers and educators, so as to the
exact number of physicians, I don't have a number handy. Fidel
recently said there would be more on the way soon.

It's a good experience for Cubans to travel abroad, because it
isn't easy for Cubans to do. They also receive some incentive
in hard currency while abroad, while their family back home is
given their regular salaries. Incredibly, nearly none in these
years has defected. I know this because, had they chosen to do
so, their stories get written up promptly in the MIAMI HERALD.


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