[Marxism] Hands Off Venezuela!

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Mon May 9 05:40:50 MDT 2005

Steve Heeren wrote:  "excellent article but i find the "10,000 Cuban MD's"
hard to believe. 
were they all straight out of cuba? if so, didn't that decimate  cuban
medical personnel big time? ( could believe 100 or maybe 1,000, but

Well, believe it. I know, the U.S. . press paints such a picture of Cuba
that this sounds absurd, but is it is true. Cuba has about 70,000 doctors,
and has had thousands of doctors cooperating in other countries for decades.
So, no, sending 10,0000 to Venezuela did not decimate Cuba's pool of

Cuban doctors are under strict orders not to intervene in the internal
political life of the country they are working in. Nevertheless, when you
think about it, their actions say more than a thousand speeches, for, as the
apostle of Cuban Independence, José Martí said, the best way to say
something is to do it.

If you're a parent from a poor family that has had a baby die of diarrhea
before, or whose siblings, cousins, nieces or nephews did, and now you baby
gets sick and within a couple of days the baby is well again, thanks to a
Cuban doctor, what are you going to believe about all the capitalist
propaganda against socialism? 

There is no better way of spreading our message in the third world than this
"propaganda of the deed."

Cuba has --by far-- the greatest per capita number of physicians in the
world, and has, in absolute numbers, more doctors working on a humanitarian
basis in other countries than other countries in the World Health
Organization. That's ALL other countries COMBINED. 

And the revolution completes the training of literally thousands of new
physicians every year, including many from various third world countries and
even some from the United States.

Yet Cuba's health expenditures, as the capitalists account for these things,
are relatively modest, litle more than 7% of GDP, on the order of $250 a
year. One reason they can do it so cheaply is all health care is free in
Cuba. They save a bundle on bookkeepers, insurance agencies, collection
agencies and so on. 

Next time you read in a newspaper some capitalist's praises for the
efficiency of "the market," think about this.


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