[Marxism] Make Capitalism Gay article is homophobic!

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Mon May 9 14:25:39 MDT 2005

kersplebedeb <info at kersplebedeb.com> wote:
>i failed to find any of "Make Capitalism Gay" homophobic. While the 
>"gay" angle of the article is very underdeveloped, as i understand 
>it  Yoshie is implying that opposition parties increase their 
>effectiveness  by embracing LGBT civil rights. Thus the call for 
>reformist left parties  to "Make Capitalism Gay", i.e. to work to 
>win the maximum protections  for non-heterosexual and/or 
>trans-people available under capitalism.
>It's not the most useful strategy as far as i can see - i am 
>unconvinced  about how durable such gains are, considering that they 
>often come at  the cost of further co-opting the LGBT movement and 
>marginalizing leftists and others within said movement - but i fail 
>to see anything  homophobic about it.
>p.s. as previous posters seem to find it relevant, i may as well add 
>that "i am writing as a queer man".

I don't think that I'll have time to elaborate on this important 
subject today, but I think that it is wrong to fight the "culture 
war" defensively, as the Democratic Party and its supporters do.  All 
it does is to cede the initiative to the Right.  That's part of what 
happened in 2004.  Getting on the offensive is not only good for 
moving culture to the left in the long term, but it may even help you 
win in the short term, as the Italian and Spanish examples show.

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