[Marxism] Follow-up from Joshua Gordon

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon May 9 14:37:31 MDT 2005

Josh wrote on the David Graeber case, "Briefly, David's contract was not
renewed. Had it been renewed he would have come up for tenure review
during the two years of the renewed contract period.  This decision was
made in a closed door vote of the Yale senior faculty."

Thank you.  

If Yale does things the way other places do, he was in a tenure track
position and being reviewed for reappointment.  That decision is almost
always made in a closed-door deliberation by designated persons in the
department.  I'm astonished that anyone would think they'd be done any
other way.

That said, they may very well have made a knuckleheaded decision about
Graeber.  Yet, it isn't necessarily a case of political firing.  A lot
of places regularly don't reappoint people because they like having a
big turnover of junior dependents going through their departments.
Nothing fair or collegial about it, but that's the nature of the shark

Again, I wonder about the rationale for their decision...and I look
forward to seeing material on this made public somewhere on the

Keep us posted. 

Mark L.

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