[Marxism] Posted by David Graeber to the NYC anarchist mailing list

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon May 9 18:38:05 MDT 2005

Thanks for the clarification...to David Graeber for posting it, to Louis
for reposting it to this list, and to Josh for probably having expressed
to Prof. Graeber the concerns.

This experience sounds very familiar to me...but those of us in the
business should probably avoid long stories about our experiences.  What
Prof. Graeber's saying has the sick ring of truth--though it's more like
a bathtub ring, perhaps....

Credentials just aren't the issue.  If it's any consolation to him,
Prof. Graeber should keep in mind that this probably did not represent
the considered judgment of the senior faculty.  Members of such groups
simply accede to one or two people with really strong feelings on the
subject.  It's what "collegiality" means--they also call it
"professionalism" here.  It means that the insider group defines itself
by who they decide they want on the outside.

As to how medieval Yale is, the norms may have been set in such
ideologically and intellectually inbred places, but the standards extend
right down through the lesser private universities and through the state
universities to Litterbox Community College, where the injustices are
significantly more numerous and gratuitous.  There, PhDs with tons of
teaching experience and professional activities can have their careers
terminated by people with the credentials of a junior high coach. 

For that reason, if no other, the petition is certainly worth signing...

Mark L.


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