[Marxism] Did 16-yr old penetrate thousands of computers?

José G. Pérez jg_perez at bellsouth.net
Tue May 10 00:45:56 MDT 2005

Internet Attack Called Broad and Long Lasting by Investigators

SAN FRANCISCO, May 9 - The incident seemed alarming enough: a breach of a
Cisco Systems network in which an intruder seized programming instructions
for many of the computers that control the flow of the Internet.

Now federal officials and computer security investigators have acknowledged
that the Cisco break-in last year was only part of a more extensive
operation - involving a single intruder or a small band, apparently based in
Europe - in which thousands of computer systems were similarly penetrated. 

Investigators in the United States and Europe say they have spent almost a
year pursuing the case involving attacks on computer systems serving the
American military, NASA and research laboratories....

The case remains under investigation. But attention is focused on a
16-year-old in Uppsala, Sweden, who was charged in March with breaking into
university computers in his hometown. Investigators in the American
break-ins ultimately traced the intrusions back to the Uppsala university

The Swedish authorities are examining computer equipment confiscated from
the teenager, who was released to his parents' care. The matter is being
treated as a juvenile case.


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