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Latest Release: Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Charm City and the “Free State” Collaborate Against its Black Polity

Rodney Foxworth

The April 25th issue of Time Magazine concluded that Baltimore’s Martin 
O’ Malley distinguished himself amongst his peers so much so that his 
mention as one of the country’s “best big city mayors” was inevitable. 
This comes on the heels of praise heaped upon the state of Maryland’s 
Governor, Robert Ehrlich, by none other than former Def Jam impresario 
Russell Simmons, who, as quoted by the Washington Times, described 
Ehrlich and his black lieutenant governor Michael Steele as men who 
should be “held up to the light as examples” of good Republicans. With 
such honors and compliments endowed upon their respective executives, 
things must be good for blacks in both the city of Baltimore and in the 
state of Maryland, no? Of course, such assumptions should never be made, 
nor does the question posed hold much merit in the national discourse.

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Alan Dershowitz's Amazing Wonderland

Samer Elatrash

The great enemy of clear language," wrote George Orwell, "is 
insincerity." So it is natural that a man as dishonest as Alan 
Dershowitz should hate clarity and abhor consistency. Actually 
Dershowitz will never forgive you if you hold him to his word. I find 
that heartening; one might’ve feared that utter shamelessness precluded 
feelings of embarrassment, but there is hope.

Dershowitz has chutzpah. That’s the title of one of his tedious books, 
and that’s Norman Finkelstein’s conclusion in his upcoming book Beyond 
Chutzpah, which demonstrates the banality of the mendacious intellectual 
using the example of Alan Dershowitz’s The Case for Israel. After 
trying, and failing, to stop the publication of Finkelstein’s book, 
Dershowitz composed a smear of Finkelstein that was posted on several 

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Crawling Towards Equality: On Gay Rights

Igor Volsky and Amanda Waas

Conservative reactionaries have expressed their dislike for the 
‘homosexual agenda’ and their tentacles have penetrated the American 
political system. Strong evangelical efficacy has ensured political 
compliance from weak politicians.

Yet human consideration must supersede short term political gain. An 
individual’s humanity should not be sacrificed to votes. Public 
relations experts and high priced political consultants make this nearly 
impossible. To take their advice is to win political office; to go 
against the tide is to accomplish a structural social adjustment (and a 
personal disservice). The former is characteristic of the majority; the 
latter requires a higher level of social awareness and political courage.

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Zeljko Cipris

Washington, 5/8/05

The Pentagon has announced the capture of Saddam's dog Fuckbush and of 
Zarqawi's wooden leg. Both were seized today in a daring raid by the new 
Iraqi forces who suffered only light casualties, mainly scattered bites 
and splinters.

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