[Marxism] Anti-imperialism (response to Yoshie)

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue May 10 20:32:34 MDT 2005

Well, obviously this is one of those discussions that can go  nowhere
because it is now fully occupied and governed by anti-SWP fethishism.
And that is ALL that proclamations that the day of the single issue
movement is over can be -- pure and unadulterated fetishism rooted or
justified by anti-SWP mythology and experience.  

The Iraq protests must become grandiose versions of the Workers World
May Day event -- encompassing all issues and all movements at all times
and all places.  No possibility of fetishism there, because the SWP did
not put forward such a proposal. 

Okay, now that we're all agreed on that, can we resume this discussion
without mentioning the SWP. The mention of this name clearly sends the
whole issue off on tangents, and it becomes impossible to counter
proposals to turn the very modest Iraq protests, an important aspect of
the class struggle in and of itself, into a political party that holds
demonstrations (that's what a real anti-imperialist movement would have
to be, since getting rid of imperialism means getting rid of US
capitalism -- as long as there is US capitalism, there will be US

The weakness of the current movement is supposed to be not that there is
no broad social upheaval taking place in the country today, but that
those organizing antiwar protests are not trying to suck such a
situation out of their thumbs or pretend to be able to call for and
create such a situation or pretending that the antiwar protests adopting
this course is all that is needed to bring it into being. THAT IS

The multi-issue movement is NOT the answer to the single-issue movement,
and the anti-imperialism movement is not the answer to the antiwar
movement.  THAT IS FETISHISM, pure and simple.

Everything said about the SWP in the posts by Yoshie, David, Carroll,
and Mark is wrong in whole or in part -- more wholly the more distant
you were from it. My piece noted some of the inaccuracies. However, is
that really what we are trying to discuss.

If we make our decisions on antiwar strategy and tactics based on
opinions of the SWP, I guarantee you we will go way, way wrong --
multidirectionally, left, right, and center.

So let's get the SWP out of the picture.   And if you happen to
recognize the Antichrist as the source of somebody's ideas, just keep it
under your hat and argue on the merits.
Fred Feldman

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