[Marxism] Anti-imperialism (response to Yoshie)

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue May 10 21:04:06 MDT 2005


You sweepingly assert that what I wrote on the SWP was just "wrong," but
then ask that we not discuss the SWP....  You also seem to ascribe
criticism of the SWP's approach with an argument that the other
organizations were correct--or that they are correct....  Your assertion
that the desire to incorporate broader concerns in an antiwar movement
is fetishized reflects a fundamental assumption is the single-issue
approach is some kind of natural default.

I'll agree to set aside the historic questions involving the SWP for the
present, but, at some point, I want to post some direct questions asking
for concrete documentation on some of these things....  

For the present, I would argue that we all take a more pragmatic
approach.  See what's moving people in our areas and we jump in and
assist the process of focusing it.   

Mark L.

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