[Marxism] O, Dialectics!

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I agree with that broad analysis, but surely we can dispense with the 
language of 'dialectics'?

For instance, you describe the 'contradictions' of US society, but 
contradictions involve two propositions which make one another impossible.  
There aren't contradictions in reality, only conflicts, interfaces of 
struggle and tension.

Actually, the fact that you do by and large dispense with 'dialectics' in 
your analysis is suggestive.  Historical materialism has no need for the 
'dialectic' which, at the most generous assessment, is a style of thought 
rather than something to be 'deduced' (pace Engels) from reality...

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>Subject: [Marxism] O, Dialectics!
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>Fred Feldman:
> > as long as there is US capitalism, there will be US imperialism
>And as long as there is US imperialism, there will be US capitalism.
>Perhaps this is a suitable introduction to:
>Respuesta a:"Marxism Digest, Vol 19, Issue 31"
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>Fred Feldman:
> > The distinctive character of the antiwar demonstrations during
> > Vietnam was not their narrowly single-issue or still less
> > single-slogan character, but their FOCUS ON THE WAR.  The refusal
> > to retreat from the fight to get the US rulers out of Vietnam,
> > whether the retreat was to the liberal right or the "revolutionary"
> > left.
> >
>I hope I don't incur in Mr. Rubinelli's rage (whose knowledge and
>wisdom on class struggle at the railroads I always read with an
>interest as great and delighted as deep and bitter are the
>differences that separate us on other, certainly more substantial,
>But it might be useful to remember that this particular "single
>issue" condensed _every other issue_ in the sense that the Viet Nam
>war was _the ultimate imperialist war_ and that all the
>contradictions of American society were carried to an unprecedented
>level of tension by the fact of the war itself.  And that this was
>the result of the national liberation character of the war as fought
>on the Viet Namese side.
>Thus, as seen from far away and somehow from outside (can you ever be
>really "outside" US in Latin America, even in Cuba, today?), what
>happened during the anti-Viet Nam war period in USA was that for a
>single glorious moment all of the struggles against American
>bourgeoisie and American establishment, which arose here and there as
>threads in the air, were woven into a single, strong and hanging
>rope, and that this kind of situations can certainly not appear
>because some genius has imagined it.  In a sense, they were the
>result of stubborn resistence by a proud and unbending semicolonial
>people in Asia which put all of the progressive brains in America to
>question the worthiness of everything they had been believing at
>least since the end of World War II.  Would I surprise too many
>people on this list, or lose too much money, if I put some bucks to
>the idea that most of those who were anti-Viet Nam in, say, 1969,
>were (or would have been) pro-imperialist liberals in 1959 or even
>Thus, it is unfair to darken the individual contribution of those who
>saw the trend first.  There was something in the wind, indeed.  But
>some could smell it before others, and acted accordingly.  In my own
>humble opinion they deserve respect for that.
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