[Marxism] Ethnic Studies under siege at U. of Colorado

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 11 08:45:30 MDT 2005

Ward Churchill and the Right Wing Aftermath: Institutional Racism and 
Attacks on Ethnic Studies
by Arturo J. Aldama and Jonathan Sterne

The Department of Ethnic Studies at Colorado-Boulder, where Churchill works 
along with eight tenured/tenure track faculty and several lecturers, 
graduate students, staff and student workers and over a 120 majors, has 
become a battleground in the ongoing culture wars.

On a page that accompanies this editorial, we publish an open letter from 
the Ethnic Studies faculty and a small sampling of the hate mail received 
by Churchill and department members (including office staff) in the wake of 
the attacks on Churchill. The hate mail speaks for itself. The vitriol is 
terrifying, and it points to the continued need for Ethnic Studies and 
institutional efforts directed against racism.

full: http://bad.eserver.org/



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