[Marxism] Re: anti-imperialism (An experience with building a coal ition against "empire" in New York City)

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Wed May 11 12:57:33 MDT 2005

I re-read Out Now a couple months ago, and remember this quote. I don't remember what Fred contrasts it to, but it's purpose was quite clear in the context of the chapter: Fred uses it to explain why the party and YSA had to stay the course in fighting the pessimism and liberalism which fed anti-mass action, pseudo-multi-issue approaches.

In any case the recent Seattle experience Dave describes bolsters Fred's main point (and it sounds like you're doing great work, Dave).

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Thank goodness for indices, or I would never have found the following quote from that instructive work, a quote from a contemporaneous letter written in confidence (and therefore more honest and to the point than other, public, statements, according to Halstead) by an SWP activist reporting on the political lay of the land in 1966, around the time of the elections, following a campus tour:

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