[Marxism] EU referendum- what is the attitude of the Left?

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
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This has been discussed to some depth in Leftist trainspotters.

In essence, the left in Europe is deeply divided on the issue. Attitudes 
seem to be more regional than political, and even then a bit more 
complicated than that. So unfortunately the best you can do is browse the 
different websites of the different groups to get an idea of their 

I can offer, for example, that the Scandinavian left in general opposes the 
EU, with even left-Social Democrats opposing it, yet even there, it is not a 
complete opposition.

One thing is completely true, it is one of the main points of focus of the 
European left in general.

For me, watching from afar it is very interesting to see even within 
organizations divergent lines emerge on the EU, even when there are 
agreements in other points of program. It displays, in my opinion, a lack of 
theoretical preparation to face this challenge even as the EU has been in 
building since the 1950s... in other words, no one has yet hit the nail on 
the head.


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