[Marxism] The British Nazi Obsession

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Thu May 12 05:33:57 MDT 2005


I think a lot of younger people fascinated (if not obsessed) by German Nazis 
and their reign do so from a perverse and guilty admiration of them. Indeed, 
even in many old English WWII films, the Nazis appear as cold and 
machinelike, but nonetheless honourable, powerful and the very embodiment of 
'a worthy foe'. Quite simply, the Nazis are the abberant totalitarians 'ya 
love to hate'. Of course, the constant and misleading retreads of World War 
II history (as largely told through the minutaie of military detail and/or 
the pathologies of political personalities) ultimately serve to coalesce the 
public mind around a heroic and strident understanding of 'Britishness' all 
the better to exclude outsiders and radicals.

"Whoever does not want to speak of capitalism should be equally silent on 
fascism". Max Horkheimer

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