[Marxism] The British Nazi Obsession (Brit Actors)

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Thu May 12 07:09:56 MDT 2005

Q: Who is the villain in the American film?

A: the one played by the British actor.

	I had a discussion with some Americans about this once
and they argued back the 'James Bond' films. But even there,
although Bond is played by a Brit, the main villains are all
British actors. Even now I am amused how often an English accent
spoils things like the CSI series by exposing the murderer early
in the story. Equity members should refuse to accept these
type-cast roles.

Jack Cade

> Fun, in many US anti-Nazi movies, right through today, many 
> of the bad Nazi 
> types were played by Brits... go figure?
> David
> Hi,
> I think a lot of younger people fascinated (if not obsessed) 
> by German Nazis 
> and their reign do so from a perverse and guilty admiration 
> of them. Indeed, 
> even in many old English WWII films, the Nazis appear as cold
> machinelike, but nonetheless honourable, powerful and the 
> very embodiment of 
> 'a worthy foe'. . .

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