[Marxism] The British Nazi Obsession

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Thu May 12 08:15:20 MDT 2005

	I'm not complaining, just observing. Because I try and
understand British imperialism does not mean I support it. I
could have told him all that and much more besides. Communists
made the points about the camps; the significance of Spain and
the criminality of appeasement from the 1930s. None of that
should be new to anyone on the left.

	I question his apology. No mention at all of the
neo-nazis in Germany today. So they are not all so apologetic
either. And what of German imperialism today? Its role in the
former Yugoslavia for example. I found that Bismarck website in
seconds. There is a monument I've seen, to the 'honour of the
German Army' of both world wars, without discrimination, up on
the hill above Koblenz, a garrison town. The examples he uses are
all of a 'tit-for-tat' kind and I feel he understates the
character and devastation of the nazi onslaught. I do not defend
the camps in South Africa or Kenya but to compare them with the
nazi ones is an obscenity--they are on a completely different

	Jack Cade

> The governments - and school history books - of Britain and 
> France try to 
> forget these events - and Britain now acts as poodle to the 
> US neo-cons 
> aiming to instal a new imperial domination.
> We should not complain when an anti-nazi German reminds us.
> Paddy

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