[Marxism] An invisible enemy

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu May 12 09:21:25 MDT 2005

(Most people sitting at home or in a nice comfortable
office looking at their e-mail may find the idea of suicide
bombings outside their frame of reference, as I certainly
do. Yet if you remember the words of the Bayamesa, Cuba's
national anthem, written long before Fidel Castro was born,
it includes this line "Morir por la patria es vivir", which
means "To die for the country is to live". The reference is
to the first major Cuban independence war of the 19th
century, known as the Ten Years War. Residents of the city
of Bayamo literally burned their city down rather than have
it re-occupied by the Spanish. Iraqis don't want their
country occupied by foreign armies who are their to steal
their natural wealth as they aim to terrify the world with
Washington's murderous power. Those of us who are used to
going to a peaceful legal demonstration may not be able to
comprehend this, but it has a real comprehensiible meaning.)

Iraqi Brigadier General and 2 US Marines Fell Under Rebel Gunfire

(Baghdad, May 12 (Prensa Latina) More than 20 people were killed Thursday in bomb attacks and shootings, including an Iraqi brigadier general and two US marines, the Iraqi Interior Ministry and the US military reported.

In a hit and run operation, an Iraqi Army brigadier general Ayad Imad Mehdi was killed in a Jihad neighbourhood in south-western Baghdad early on Thursday when three insurgents stopped his car and shot him dead and fled away, an interior ministry official said.

Rebels also killed an interior ministry official, Colonel Muhammad al-Taie, in a separate attack, police said.

Meanwhile, the US military said Thursday two US Marines were killed and another 14 wounded Wednesday when their armoured vehicle drove over a mine in northwest Iraq during a retaliation against insurgents, close to the borders with Syria.

Also Thursday, a suicide car bomb exploded near a busy market in Baghdad, killing 17 people and wounding 65.

Thursday´s blast followed a series of suicide bomb attacks on Wednesday that killed at least 71 people.

The death toll from suicide bombings and other attacks has been rising sharply since Iraq announced its first "democratically" elected cabinet on April 28.


Cuba Al combate corred bayameses
Que la patria os comtempla orgullosa
No temais una muerte gloriosa
Que morir por la patria es vivir

En cadenas vivir es morir
En afrenta y oprobio sumidos
Del clarin escuchad el sonido
Alas armas valientes corred.


Hasten to battle, men of Bayamo,
For the homeland looks proudly to you.
You do not fear a glorious death,
Because to die for the country is to live.

To live in chains
Is to live in dishonour and ignominy.
Hear the clarion call,
Hasten, brave ones, to battle!

Pedro Felipe Figueredo

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