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"How do you get around the claim that if you think there is something that 
doesn't change , then you think that God exists?"

I don't, I just dismiss it as illogical nonsense.  First, it engages with 
what I don't say (I never said that there was something that did not change, 
only that not everything is always changing).  Second, it is not a valid 
argument: because there may be something in the universe that never changes 
(and this is a very real possibility) does not mean that it was created by a 
supernatural being.

"we presume for the future that everything changes"

That may sound like a safe assumption for most ordinary experience, but what 
if there are some levels at which things do not change - ie: stay exactly 
the same?

And how do you get round the fact that ordinary language is enormously 
better at describing and delineating change than the language of dialectical 

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>I doubt that you, or Trotksy, or anyone else has examined every corner of
>the universe, at every atomic and subatomic level, and discovered incessant
>change.  It was once believed that the proton was self-identical for at
>least ten to the power of 38 years.  When Lenin wrote, it was widely
>believed (and so he accepted) that there was such a thing as 'ether' -
>actually that belief is becoming more fashionable.  But it is simply
>unscientific a priori reasoning to insist as a matter of one's 
>foundation that all nature is in a perpetual state of change.
>CB: How about as a posteriori reasoning as a presumption ? Because, all 
>experience is that nothing stays the same forever, there is no Rock of Ages
>or God , no eternally constant anything, we presume for the future that
>everything changes.
>How do you get around the claim that if you think there is something that
>doesn't change , then you think that God exists ?
>In other words, dialectics is identical with atheism.
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