[Marxism] Chinese President Meets Taiwanese Opposition Leader

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu May 12 10:48:44 MDT 2005

It's not about "proletarian internationalism", it's about blocking
Washington's effort to encourage Japanese re-armament and a
smart move by China to block Washington's efforts. In today's
world where there is one dominant superpower, Washington,
efforts to build up alterntives to Washington's takes numerous
forms. The Iraqi resistance is one form, and the development
of new and alternative alliances on a world scale are another.
Efforts to revive the Non-Aligned Movement is another one.

The Arab-Latin American summit in Brasilia is still another:

Fidel once famously said that "division in the face of the enemy
was never an intelligent or revolutionary strategy". There is a
corollary, however, that goes, "division in the camp of the enemy
is good for the side of the oppressed. 

These are matters about which people in the United States ought
not to be indifferent...

Chalmers Johnson's article "Coming to Terms With China" helps
us to understand and relate to China's expanding world power:

Taiwan has two dominant factions in the bourgeoisie. One favors 
collaboration and possibly reunification with the mainland, while the other 
favors independence and seems to orient to Japanese capitalism. In some 
ways, this division reminds me of the division within Ukraine. The Western 
faction of the Ukrainian capitalist class favored an orientation to Europe, 
while the Eastern faction sought closer ties with the Kremlin and its 
gaggle of billionaires.

Not very inspiring one way or another in my opinion.

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