[Marxism] REAL ID: The list of "terrorists" has grown

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu May 12 12:25:16 MDT 2005

(While the truly REAL terrorists like 
Luis Posada Carriles are allowed to
run rampant in the United States of
the Free World of America today.)

REAL ID: The list of "terrorists" has grown 
By: Jorge Delgado 
May 12, 2005 

A CubaNews translation by Ana Portela
Edited by Walter Lippmann


The country can now sleep in peace; the Republican administration has just
taken an "important step" in its fight against terrorism with the approval
by the Lower House of the Senate of the Real ID measure including the
Supplementary Law project of military expenditures. This measure will become
law in the coming days once the full Senate gives its final vote and
President Bush signs it and orders its enforcement. 

The measure demands that any person presenting themselves to the California
Department of Vehicles (DMV) to request a driver's license should present
proof of identity and citizenship or legal residence with at least four
documents. This project also eliminates the possibility of using consular
registrations as documents of identity; it establishes restrictions to
request political asylum and sets down new measures to set up barriers
around the border. 

With this measure illegal activities of more than 10 million "terrorists"
will be blocked, terrorists who have entered national territory through the
inefficiency or convenience of the system and border control authorities. 

The list of "terrorists" is all encompassing: Thousands of undocumented
"terrorists, mostly Hispanics who, from sun up to sun down, pick tomatoes,
lettuces and fruits, receiving low wages, that end up on the table of the
U.S. citizens for the enjoyment of their pockets and palate. 

Hundreds of thousands of "terrorists" who build the houses we live in, some
climbing up to the roofs of the houses with temperatures above 100 degrees
Fahrenheit, such as the temperatures of Arizona. 

Hundreds of thousands of "terrorists" who prepare the food in the fast food
restaurants of the nation and who courteously and diligently attend the

Hundreds of thousands of "terrorists" who clean the houses, offices, hotels
and shops of the country. 

Hundreds of thousands of "terrorists" who help hospital staff in the care
and attention of patients. 

Hundreds of thousands of "terrorists" who care for the gardens that allows
us to enjoy the fragrance of flowers and the colorful patios. 

Hundreds of thousands of "terrorists" who care for the helpless old people,
specially lacking affection due to the fast modern life. 

The list of "terrorists" is long and has almost the same profile: dark skin,
strong for heavy work and long hours, willing to work for little, submissive
and faithful. 

And their living conditions are, also, the same: low wages, few chances for
the improvement of their children, without access to medical care. These are
the terrible people who go to the emergency services "costing tax payers
money"; and who go to the offices of social services when they have no
choice but to ask for help or die. How terrible these "uncivilized
terrorists" who live marginally so that the system can allow the enrichment
of those who pay low wages and do not offer medical insurance. 

In addition, the measure decrees that those who have previously acquired a
driver's license will lose them; sending millions of these "terrorists out
into the streets" for whom this document is a means to earn a living:
gardeners, food home deliveries, small business persons who, if they lose
their means of a livelihood, must go to the charities or social care
institutions to feed their children adding to the number of poor and to
social dissatisfaction. Because what the politicians who prepared the
project have not considered is that they are creating a sub-class among its
own citizens who, sooner or later, will turn against the system. 

It is ironic that the system aims to prepare its children in the highest
social and moral values; the society aims to have its citizens respect the
laws and follow its measures. The government brags that no child should be
left behind and, however, they make it hard for the parents to take them to
school, take them to a park, to feed them. Why? 

For the crime of having crossed the border illegally although they now bend
their backs working to make this a better nation. 

Poor "terrorists" they no longer suffer the hardships but the

Jorge Delgado lives in Irvine, California.

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