[Marxism] Chinese President Meets Taiwanese Opposition Leader

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu May 12 12:30:02 MDT 2005

China remains an oppressed nation, regardless of its
class nature. Yes, an oppressed nation, though one
with the highest co-efficients of growth on the world
stage today. Washington is addicted to cheap Chinese
commodities, yet it hasn't been able to force China to
float its currency, so even paying the high price it is
paying, China has got US corporations funding the
economic expansion of China. Vietnam is doing the
same thing, by the way. Check Allen Myers report:

It's a big mistake to put an equals sign between the
United States and China as some people seem to be
doingthese days. Their interests are different and
the conflicts between them are important for us to
understand. China isn't getting rich, for example, out
of its economic interactions with Cuba, but China is
playing a throughly progressive role in helping Cuba
to resolve its economic difficulties, and to block the
ability of Washington's blockade to further isolate Cuba.

Castro was referring to divisions between the USSR and
China, two socialist nations. China is no longer socialist.
The fact that it puts down the red carpet for a long-time
KMT operative probably has Mao spinning in his grave--of
course, his toasting champagne with Nixon is what led to
this outcome must be acknowledged.

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