[Marxism] Cuban hip-hop artists moving forward, left behind

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Subject: Re: Cuban hip-hop artists moving forward, left behind

It's hard to know what to make of it because it leaves a
lot of things purposely vague (was the writer trying not to
offend anyone?). So we don't know WHO denied the travel
visa, for instance. We don't know whether it is US or Cuban
censorship they are talking about, etc. People can take a
lot of things either way, depending on what they think
about the two countries. And I can't figure out if that was
done because in Miami, and in the MH, the assumption is
that everyone will take for granted that the bad things are
all on the Cuban side, or if it was left perfectly vague
because the journalist WASN'T so stridently anti-Castro but
didn't want to come out and say that in an MH article....
 "Jeffrey Thomas Piercy" asked:
Perhaps there's something I'm not understanding, 
but which government denied them a travel visa?

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