[Marxism] O, Dialectics!

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Thu May 12 22:12:25 MDT 2005

"Leninology" wrote:

>"How do you get around the claim that if you think there is 
>something that doesn't change , then you think that God exists?"
>I don't, I just dismiss it as illogical nonsense.  First, it engages 
>with what >I don't say (I never said that there was something that 
>did not change, >only that not everything is always changing). 
>Second, it is not a valid >argument: because there may be something 
>in the universe that never >changes (and this is a very real 
>possibility) does not mean that it was >created by a supernatural 

It is the notion that there can exist anything unchanging in a universe
(ours) where anything at all is changing that is illogical nonsense.  Our
universe is structured in at least four (three spatial and one temporal)
dimensions.  The most minimal change involves change of position
in at least one of these dimensions (up-down, forward-backward,
left-right, younger-older).  If the position of any object changes,
then the position relative to it of absolutely every other object is
changed correspondingly (if you move further from me then I have
changed by becoming further from you).  The essence of the dialectical
view of the universe is the interdependence of everything within it.

Shane Mage

"Heeding  not me but the logos, it is wise to agree that all things are one."
-Heracleitos of Ephesos

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