[Marxism] O, Dialectics!

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Fri May 13 00:31:10 MDT 2005

>It is the notion that there can exist anything unchanging in a universe
>(ours) where anything at all is changing that is illogical nonsense.  Our
>universe is structured in at least four (three spatial and one temporal)
>dimensions.  The most minimal change involves change of position
>in at least one of these dimensions (up-down, forward-backward,
>left-right, younger-older).  If the position of any object changes,
>then the position relative to it of absolutely every other object is
>changed correspondingly (if you move further from me then I have
>changed by becoming further from you).  The essence of the dialectical
>view of the universe is the interdependence of everything within it.
>Shane Mage

I have already provided real examples of things that are not in perpetual 
change in the universe, so what more do you want?  You seem to think that by 
re-asserting diamat shibboleths you can defeat the facts and while that may 
convince hardline DM adherents it isn't likely to persuade anyone else.  I 
repeat, we ought to drop a priori reasoning.

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