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> Yes.

Which seems to be the point that Leninology misses. Diamat and Histmat are 
mainly SOCIAL, and relate to nature only as far as SOCIETY relates to 
nature. Interestingly, things such as the "uncertainity principle" and other 
such great advances in modern physics are perceptual, that is, social. And 
all of them show dialectical materialist relationships. I can't see better 
examples of dialectics than "uncertainity" (which is actually quite certain) 

Engels attempt at applying Diamat/Histmat to the natural sciences has much 
more to do with a deduced hypotheses that science in his time was extremely 
limited, than with an attempt at a serious, final, answer. It was a 
provocation, and all out attack on that time's orthodoxy, intended as so, 
and should hence be seen as such.

Leninology is being disingenious in this respect. His objections to Engels 
are like negating Newton simply because his model of physics is no longer 
valid. He takes, ta-da, an anti-dialectical view of Engels.

He also brings up the question of language. That is an interesting thing, 
because he fails to explain "dialectic" as a word. Dialectic is basically 
"conversation" (related to "dialog"), and it implies, quite simply, that 
objects converse as *subjects* when they encounter each other, and are 
*transformed* by this conversation, while the anti-dialectical view thinks 
that when to objects meet, they either blow each other to smithereens, 
bounce off like billiard balls, or one crushes the other. If you find a 
better word to describe this process, then we can also use it, but the 
underlying dynamic would remain the same: a horse by a different name is 
still a horse.

Ironically, Derrida when "inventing" the term "deconstruction" did such a 
semantic thing. It turns out "analysis" *is* "deconstruction": "an"="de" 
"lysis"="construction". So his "new" way of calling thing is actually good 
old idealist "analysis!!!


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