[Marxism] Slippery John Holloway

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 13 09:20:24 MDT 2005

Over on Jerry Levy's OPE-L mailing list, which is pretty much restricted to 
middle-aged, white, male economics professors, there's been a bit of a 
dust-up between Holloway and Michael Lebowitz. In Holloway's "How to Change 
the World Without Taking Power," you get a kind of adulation of the 
Zapatistas and a denunciation of traditional Marxist strategies of seizing 
state power. To make his argument work, he omits any discussion of the 
Cuban revolution or any other revolution that was influenced by it--from 
the Sandinistas to Hugo Chavez. His only interest in Latin America except 
for the Zapatistas is the piqueteros in Argentina.

The one thing that is consistent about Holloway is his utter refusal to 
answer anybody who he deems beneath him on the pecking order. So when I 
posted a critique of his book on aut-op-sy, he said nothing. When Jerry 
Levy forwarded Junaid's critique to OPE-L, he once again said nothing. But 
Michael Lebowitz is a horse of another color. He is professor emeritus from 
Simon Fraser University and winner of the Isaac Deutscher Prize last year.

When Michael told Holloway that the unfolding revolution in Venezuela 
refuted his book, he could not run away from a reply. I found Holloway's 
response singularly oleaginous:


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