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Walter wrote:
>Chinese investment in Cuba helps defeat the blockade:

The New York Times, May 2, 1987
By STEPHEN ENGELBERG, Special to the New York Times

The Congressional committees investigating the Iran-contra affair have 
uncovered detailed evidence that the Reagan Administration solicited aid 
for Nicaraguan rebels from Poland and China, a Congressional official said 

The official said the committees had assembled evidence of dealings with 
China that included the first sales of Soviet-designed anti-aircraft 
missiles to the rebels. He added that the sales were arranged by at least 
one former White House official.

The contras were also said to have bought arms from Poland when the Poles 
were also shipping arms to the Sandinista Government.

Administration officials speculated that the Chinese motive was to counter 
Soviet influence in the region and to bolster ties with the United States. 
As for Poland, one official suggested that its motivation may have been to 
get much-needed hard currency.


China Connection

In four months of investigation, the committees have turned up extensive 
new evidence about how the United States' relationships with foreign 
governments were covertly used to enlist support for the Nicaraguan rebels.

One such example, according to Administration officials, was Colonel 
North's success in persuading China to sell arms. A contra leader, Adolfo 
Calero, acknowledged at a news conference earlier this year that China had 
sold ammunition to the rebels.

But according to one knowledgeable Administration official, the Chinese, in 
a deal arranged by Colonel North, sold the contras a much more highly 
prized weapon - the Soviet-designed SAM-7 antiaircraft missile.

The official said that he believed the deal had been made through contacts 
with the Chinese military and that it was possible the Chinese political 
leadership was initially unaware of the sales, which were abruptly cut off 
in 1985.

The sales came when China's policy was to forge closer ties with the 
Sandinista Government. Foreign Minister Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann of 
Nicaragua was visiting Beijing in 1985 when the contras used a 
Chinese-supplied SAM-7 for the first time to shoot down a Sandinista 
helicopter, the official said.

The contras were also buying arms from Poland, and Colonel North is said to 
have told associates he was intimately involved in arranging that effort as 
well. One associate recalls that Colonel North was amused that ships being 
loaded with arms for the Sandinistas were docked in a Polish port next to 
vessels carrying military aid destined for the contras.

Another associate quoted Colonel North as saying that some Soviet-made arms 
earmarked for the contras were stolen from warehouses in Poland by members 
of Solidarity, the labor union that is now outlawed. This could not be 
independently confirmed.

China's interest in aiding the contras dates back several years. In October 
1983, a rebel leader, Eden Pastora Gomez, went to China to try get support 
for the contras, according to a person familiar with the rebels.



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