[Marxism] O, Dialectics!

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I've avoided this discussion for as long as I could, but no  I can't so let me first say:

You (plural) are all wrong.  Or all of you are wrong.  Whatever.

What Marx does is quite literally an end to philosophy, not the creation of a new philosophy,
a new world outlook, a pre-Einsteinian unified force theory.

How does Marx do this:  He extracts from Hegel the real kernel driving Hegel's writings
on phenomenology and logic, by locating the real content of human life in history, and 
locating the real fabric of that history in the social organization of labor.  The dialectic that
Marx extracts is that social relation between labor and property.

Thus the notions of spirit, becoming, interpenetrations are identified as alienated 
representations of alienated labor.  And what Marx does is not actually standing Hegel on
his head, as it is standing him right side up on his feet, after of course, making those feet
wade through the brook of fire.

Consequently, the transition is not from the Phenomenology to the Dialectics of Nature,
but to Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts, to The Class Struggle in France 1848-1850,
to The Eighteenth Brumaire...


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