[Marxism] Philippine Maoists denounce China

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 13 11:24:50 MDT 2005

Walter wrote:
>Did anyone on this list think China had a revolutionary foreign policy?
>I don't recall reading any of the commentaries like this. This isn't news.
>I remember Indonesia in 1965. I remember China's invasion of Vietnam
>in 1979. So this isn't exactly a revelation. And aren'the NPA the same
>people who are accused of wanting the death of Walden Bellow, etc.?

Nobody is asking them to be revolutionary. But by the same token, they 
should not give money to governments that are conducting dirty wars against 
communist rebels. If it is China's national interest to sell Cuba out next 
week, it surely will. As should be clear, Cuba must be free to do business 
with any capitalist nation in the world. It is a good thing when it can 
trade with Europe or the USA or China or the devil for that matter.



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