[Marxism] China gave millions to Pinochet

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri May 13 11:27:11 MDT 2005

And what conclusion should be drawn? Since you 't make
no comment, just print the article without explanation, so
apparently the idea isthat the Chinese government leaders
are bad? OK. The Chinese leaders are bad. Should no one be
engaging in economic relations with China because of this?

China provides Cuba with normal economic relations like all
other countries in the world except Washington. Cuba gets
to pay on normal commercial terms, not cash on the barrel-
head. My fourth grade teacher, Miss Frances Bucellato said
"two wrongs don't make one right", but China bashers have
NOTHING positive to say about China's role in the world or
about the rapid economic growth which is taking place in
the world's largest country. There are those who object to
China's economic growth. Of course, companies who are
competing with Chinese businesses object to the economic
growth and competition provided by the Chinese economy.

Living in the real world means dealing with people who are
actually there and as they actually are. If Marxists in the
United States focus EXCLUSIVELY on aspects of China they
don't like, it doesn't provide much guidance for activity in
today's world as it actually is. Should Marxists in the US
and other "advanced" countries mount protest marches
against trading with China? Perhaps businesses which are
unable to compete with Chinese businesses will help pay
for the signs, which can be printed in union shops with an
Allied bug?

China's counter-human rights report on the United States:

NY Times, December 7, 2004
U.S. and Others Gave Millions to Pinochet

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