[Marxism] China gave millions to Pinochet

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Right.  See  China trades with Cuba, China good.  China trades with US and trades 
with Cuba, China still good.  China supports Savimbi, US, and U of SA in Angola,
UNITA kills Cuban troops, China still good Walter?  Or, that was then, and this is

Or China trades with Cuba after supporting UNITA killing Cuban troops, China
now playing a positive role in the struggle for emancipation?

Saying something positive about the industrialization of China?  That's supposed
to be a "positive"  achievement of the CCP? Excuse me, cut out the middle man.
Just say capitalism is making a positive achievement in China since capitalism
has provided 600 billion dollars in capital investment and another 600 billion or 
so in loans.  Capitalism good.  

US capitalism doesn't trade with Cuba?  US capitalism bad.  Now you get it?

Cuba is the lens through which all things good and bad are assessed.

Got it.

As we say in the railroad biz:  Be Governed Accordingly.

You bunch of China-bashers.

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China provides Cuba with normal economic relations like all
other countries in the world except Washington. Cuba gets
to pay on normal commercial terms, not cash on the barrel-
head. My fourth grade teacher, Miss Frances Bucellato said
"two wrongs don't make one right", but China bashers have
NOTHING positive to say about China's role in the world or
about the rapid economic growth which is taking place in
the world's largest country. There are those who object to
China's economic growth. Of course, companies who are
competing with Chinese businesses object to the economic
growth and competition provided by the Chinese economy.

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