[Marxism] Chinese President Meets Taiwanese Opposition Leader

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri May 13 12:13:43 MDT 2005

Did anyone here think China had a revolutionary foreign
policy? I don't remember anyone on Marxmail defending
such a notion. Therefore, it seems someone is fighting
hard to break down a door which is always open. None 
of what has been posted here contradicts the favorable
things which China has and is doing in addition to all of
the negative ones which China-bashers invariably cite. 

If someone only looks for things to disapprove of, they
will inevitably and invariably find what they seek.

Facts are stubborn things, and regardless of the "class
nature of the Chinese state", the country plays a role
which can best be described as contradictory today.
In other words, not all bad.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

Green Left Weekly July 14, 2004
NEPAL: Beijing pledges to help suppress Maoist rebels
In-Depth Coverage

By Eva Cheng

Following a mid-June visit to Beijing, Nepal�s chief of army staff General 
Pyar Jung Thapa revealed to state radio and television that China would 
step up �security cooperation� with Nepal. This will improve Katmandu�s 
ability to militarily counter the anti-monarchy insurgency that was started 
in 1996.

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