[Marxism] O, Dialectics!

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Fri May 13 13:29:20 MDT 2005


"How do you get around the claim that if you think there is something that 
doesn't change , then you think that God exists?"

I don't, I just dismiss it as illogical nonsense.  First, it engages with
what I don't say (I never said that there was something that did not change,

only that not everything is always changing).

CB: Such flippant dismissals suggest you aren't serious about the issues you

Dialecticians don't claim that everything is always changing. So, you aren't
arguing against dialectics.


  Second, it is not a valid 
argument: because there may be something in the universe that never changes 
(and this is a very real possibility) does not mean that it was created by a

supernatural being.

CB: It would have one of the characterisics of God, eternally unchanging.


"we presume for the future that everything changes"

That may sound like a safe assumption for most ordinary experience, but what

if there are some levels at which things do not change - ie: stay exactly 
the same?

CB: Hasn't come into our experience yet. So, we proceed with life on the
presumption, rebuttable yes, that everything eventually changes.


And how do you get round the fact that ordinary language is enormously 
better at describing and delineating change than the language of dialectical



CB: Dialectical materialists don't claim that dialectical materialism can't
be stated in ordinary language. Although, you will have to demonstrate,
rather than just baldly assert , that "ordinary language"  is so "enormously

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