[Marxism] re: Holloway exchange

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Fri May 13 14:08:12 MDT 2005

Louis wrote re Holloway:

The one thing that is consistent about Holloway is his utter refusal to
answer anybody who he deems beneath him on the pecking order. So when I
posted a critique of his book on aut-op-sy, he said nothing. When Jerry
Levy forwarded Junaid's critique to OPE-L, he once again said nothing. But
Michael Lebowitz is a horse of another color. He is professor emeritus from
Simon Fraser University and winner of the Isaac Deutscher Prize last year.
         Calling an emeritus faculty prof a horse of any colour is like 
telling the glue factory to get ready! Actually, the designation
doesn't mean much--- just that you outlived some enemies. But, the 
Deutscher Prize (oh boy!) does seem to keep you from being
the runt of the litter. Who knows--- maybe I'll get belated responses from 
John Roemer, Jon Elster and Robert Brenner for my
critiques of them!
         As for the exchange with John Holloway, I'm struggling with other 
abstractions at the moment (the problem of contingency and necessity in 
competition for a chapter in a book I owe Brill--- which will include the 
above critiques), but I expect to get back to  him within a day. My full 
critique of his book (and, I gather, his response) will appear later this 
year in Historical Materialism.
         in solidarity,
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