[Marxism] CNN airs Cuban report about Posada Carriles

Lueko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Sat May 14 02:21:02 MDT 2005

   In yesterday's "World Report"[1], where CNN sends out films
prepared by other TV stations for this program, international viewers
could see a report prepared by Cubavision Internacional providing
information about this terrorist seeking political asylum in the USA.

   It seems, the story is coming accross slowly but surely.   

Lüko Willms 
/ Lueko.Willms at T-Online.de 

[1]Yes, Joaquín, "World Report" does still exist, but it may well be,
only in "CNN International", and not in the US domestic version
(which seems to be worse, anyway). And CNN's past is not so glorious;
think back about the time when CNN's image was the always breathless
panting Bobby Batista (at least she has found worthy successors in
Rosemary Church (Atlanta) and Becky Anderson (London)). 

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