[Marxism] Florida gov lost battle to end life of brain-damaged Black child -- officials feared "vegetative state"

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat May 14 04:09:43 MDT 2005

The Sleazy World of Jeb Bush
Miami Vice

The next president of the United States was on the road last week,
throwing red meat about "moral issues" to a baying crowd of Bushist
Party faithful while simultaneously trying to cut off medical support
for a six-year-old girl his agents had previously tried to kill.

Yes, it was Jeb Bush, governor of the ruling family's Florida dominions,
pounding the pulpit, er, podium at a Republican conclave in Georgia. Jeb
told the flock that the party must stand for "absolute truth" something
previously associated with religious cults if they want to maintain
their "ascendancy" over the nation, Associated Press reports. "There is
such a thing as right and wrong," he declared. Whipped into a frenzy by
this blazing revelation, the crowd responded with cries for Bush to
ascend to his brother's throne in 2008.

But even as Jeb basked in the bootlicking adulation, his peculiar sense
of "right and wrong" was on vivid display in a Florida courtroom. There,
his minions are fighting to stop state aid for young Marissa Amora four
years after they sought a court order to let her die following a savage
beating, the Palm Beach Post reports. What's more, these same minions
the Department of Children and Families could have prevented the
beating, which left Marissa permanently disabled.

In late 2000, as Jeb was ensuring the "ascendancy" of his brother by
among many other tricks deliberately slashing thousands of eligible
African-American voters from the rolls, Marissa was hospitalized for a
month. Doctors and nurses saw telltale signs of past beatings and
witnessed her neglectful mother abusing her in the hospital. They
pleaded for DCF to intervene. But the agency perhaps mindful of Jeb's
fierce public championing of "family values" declined to step in.

Then came the inevitable: a few weeks later, Marissa was back in the
hospital, beaten nearly to death, with severe injuries to her brain and
liver and several broken bones. Now the DCF took an interest: they
rushed to court to obtain a "Do Not Resuscitate" order for the mangled
two-year-old. For God's sake, don't let her live, the DCF told Marisa's
doctors, because she might "potentially" be left "in a vegetative

But the doctors disagreed with the Bushists' expert diagnosis. And so
Marissa is still alive today brain-damaged, crippled, fed through a
stomach tube, but alert, talkative, happy, with a new foster mother.
Indeed, she would seem to be a shining example of the "culture of life"
that we hear so much about these days from certain pulpit-pounding
politicians. But to Jeb and the DCF, she's just a "useless eater," a
budgetary burden, a mistake to be flushed away. Without state aid, her
new family will sink beneath the staggering cost of Marissa's treatment
and the decent life that she's clawed back from the hellhole Jeb left
her in years ago will wither on the vine.

'Tis passing strange. After all, this is the same agency the same
governor that just fought all the way to the Supreme Court to keep the
long brain-dead Teri Schiavo existing in a very real "vegetative state."
Jeb even found himself lauded on the front page of the New York Times
for "cementing his political stature" in the case, with his maneuvers
"rooted" in a "deeply-held" religious faith "rather than in political
posturing." Yet he was perfectly willing even eager to pull the plug on
Marissa Amora, and is still trying to destroy her life.

How can this be? For one who lives solely by the "absolute truth," what
could possibly be the difference between a crippled, abused, neglected
little black girl with no money or connections, and a nice white woman
whose case was promoted world-wide by the maniacal, filthy-rich
extremist factions that form the base of his brother's "ascendancy"?
Since we know from the highest authority that Jeb would never stoop to
mere "political posturing," the apparent hideous hypocrisy in his
behavior must forever remain an ineffable mystery, like the Trinity, or
the 2000 Florida election results.

Chris Floyd is a columnist for The Moscow Times and a regular
contributor to CounterPunch. His new blog of political news and
commentary can be found at Empire Burlesque

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