[Marxism] Peter Gowan Review Online?

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Sat May 14 06:03:28 MDT 2005


Does anyone know of any good online reviews of Peter Gowan's *The Global 

Gowan seems to suggest that the current global capitalist system resulted 
from conscious decisions taken by sections of the US (and UK) government to 
ensure its *political* dominance over potentially recalcitrant states after 
the mid 1970s. But does this idea not fly in the face of Lenin's analysis 
that the predominance of finance in world capitalism is the *inevitable* 
result of the major national economies' falling rates of proft, their drive 
to concentrate and expand markets, and their unwillingness to lose profits 
by investing in unproductive industry domestically? Gowan believes that by 
an act of political will, European capitalism could protect itself from the 
ravages of American dollar hegemony. But would or could it really (wish to) 
do so?


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