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Alex Briscoe obeynow20001 at yahoo.com
Sat May 14 10:08:33 MDT 2005

FYI.  This is probably one of the more developed discussions on peak oil from a Left perspective.  See also, Joel Kovel's _Enemy Of Nature_ re capitalism's ecocide and what we have to do to organize for an ecosocialism.  Also, Samuel Day Fassbinder's Ecosocialism Blog should be useful.  
We are working on getting the Green Alliance website functional- it's been a ridiculously protracted process. (see below for address- also see "mirror site", www.greenallianceusa.org).  We now have an assistant to the webmaster that looks very competent, so hopefully these kind of resources will be more available soon...
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Alex Briscoe <obeynow20001 at yahoo.com> wrote:
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 16:01:17 -0000
From: "Alex Briscoe" <obeynow20001 at yahoo.com>
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Subject: Fwd: Peak Oil Discussion on Greenallianceus List

--- In GreenAllianceCookCounty at yahoogroups.com, "Alex Briscoe" 

At the GA Cook meeting last week, we had a brief discussion of peak 
oil and a comrade asked for more information on this thread from the 
greenallianceus list after I mentioned that list's discussion.

I searched on the list, and if you go to:


and then subscribe/apply to the group, you can check out the 
messages. I will approve your membership ASAP. (If I don't know you, I may ask 
you for more information first). The thread starts from message 
#3123 in February and goes over into March. It's pretty interesting.


Alex Briscoe


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