[Marxism] After the oil is gone

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Sat May 14 22:19:03 MDT 2005

I had my differences, too, with Mark on this question but the statement 
you make that somehow he was "unMarxist" because...

"Mark Jones's analysis is interesting because it is radically
unMarxist, locating the critical fracture not in a conflict between
means and relations of production, not between output and profit, but in
eternal immutable geology."

??!?!?! Excuse me? We start with the objective conditions, and theorize 
based on a class analysis how to resolve the contradictions in favor of 
the working class. Mark never in the discussions here and in 
correspondence questioned the validity of nationalization of energy 
sources or "denied the conflict between means and relations of 
production". Rather to deny or otherwise ignore the material reality of 
how much oil energy there was in the ground was akin to discussing the 
validity of building socialism after a nuclear war has destroyed the 
earth. By placing an wall between both, as you seem to do, I wonder who 
is the "unMarxist"?


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