[Marxism] Malvinas: new opportunity for anti-imperialist mobilisations

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Sun May 15 03:01:50 MDT 2005

At 16:32 14/05/2005, Nestor wrote:
>Dear Comrades, the Malvinas give you still another rallying point to
>fight an anti-imperialist struggle in Britain and the First World in
>The colonialist regime in Malvinas has decided to begin the
>exploitation of the rich off shore oil deposits which explain a good
>deal of British "stubbornness" in keeping this occupied territory for
>It would be a very good thing if cdes. in Britain could head some
>concrete movement against this.

well Nestor - while sympathising, in a general way, with your nation's 
feelings of annoyance at the continuing imperial occupation of those 
off-shore islands it has to be regarded as a very minor matter for 
anti-imperialist struggle in Britain - where the two major struggles must be
         1. against the co-operation of the British government's in the US 
attempt to  rule the world and in particular with the 
occupation/colonisation of Iraq
         2. the ending of the British occupation of Ireland.

We may add ending the colonisation of the Malvinas to the list, but I am 
afraid it must come rather a long way down the list - probably even below 
the problem of the Diego Garcia - with little chance of raising interest 
among those still doubtful about nos. 1 & 2 - but thanks for the web-site 


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