[Marxism] After the oil is gone

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Sun May 15 18:41:31 MDT 2005

" Again, this "facts of the peak oil question" has been debated enough
> here, you don't agree with it, fine. These days there are plenty of
> other venues to debate the facts of the case."

Didn't realize you were the moderator here, Jon.  I always thought LP
would determine when a thread should stop.

Also didn't realize it was part of  the list etiquette not to respond to
positions that one disagrees with.

Carlos responded with his views and his interpretations of fact, the
facts of which he got pretty consistently wrong but at least he didn't
issue edicts as to what is permissible and what is not.

And everyone here is free to discuss the implications of the
hypothetical, certainly not factual fast-approaching end to hydrocarbon
supplies.  I'm not stopping anyone from doing that-- discuss away.  I
did not initiate the thread.  I expressed my disagreement. I would have
no interest in participating or stopping a discussion along those
lines-- like I had almost no interest in the discussion about
dialectical materialism or many of the other threads on the list.

That's a problem for you?  I'm not one bit sorry.

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