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Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Mon May 16 01:52:40 MDT 2005

The problem is that it is simply not possible to subscribe to every
interesting journal out there and read every article in them.  I would
like to read Links but, realistically, I would get the chance to have a
glance at it about once a year.  If a journal is an *international*
journal, and produced primarily to facilitate discussion among
revolutionaries, I would think making it available free on the net would
be essential.



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Louis wrote:
(I plan to respond to this rather long article when I get the chance.
the life of me, I don't understand why the DSP doesn't give me a head's
when something like this is written.)
Not speaking for the DSP leadership, but as the person who updates the 
Links web site I've been pretty busy lately -- so I apologise that it 
took so long to get this up. But for anyone who wants to read Links on 
time -- get a subscription!
Current editorial policy is not to post the entire contents online as 
soon as the issue is out - just a couple of articles; the rest is 
generally put online with the next issue's leading 2 articles, 4 or so 
months later.
Apart from that, I look forward to Louis' response.
Ben Courtice


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