[Marxism] Re:ISO: "For a Mass, Non-Exclusionary Antiwar Movement"

Tony Hartin t.hartin at qmul.ac.uk
Mon May 16 01:58:17 MDT 2005

Joaquín Bustelo wrote:
>	Implicit in the comrades' argument --and I agree with their decision
>to leave it implicit, but I WILL make it EXPLICIT here-- we must avoid
>giving the impression that we are for "our troops" having better armor,
>weapons, etc., ON THE CONTRARY we are categorically *against* their being in
>Iraq AT ALL and to every suggestion that they should be militarily MORE
>capable or effective there, with better weapons, thicker armor, or more
>troops, our response must be NO. Every dollar spent on up-armoring humvees
>is a dollar that should be spent instead getting them the hell out. Not one
>body, not one bullet, not one penny for furthering the imperialist war.

I am against heavier armour as I am also against the patrolling of city streets because it means the Resistance 
has to use bigger bombs in residential areas which puts more civillian lives at risk. 
The best way for US troops to survive their tour of duties is to agitate against the War.
In that respect every Resistance breakthrough increases the political pressure for a US withdrawal.
So for that reason I'm for the Resistance having better equipment.

Tony H

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