Murray Smith on the Bolsheviks [Marxism]

Jack Cade jack.cade at
Mon May 16 08:29:16 MDT 2005

	Surely, if your aim is to invite debate, it is a good
idea for persons cited in an article to be passed copies of the
article, even before publication. You may even get responses that
can be published at the same time as the original IYSWIM.

	I'd support Philip Ferguson's point as well. There are
far too many journals to subscribe to (you just could not afford
or have the time to read them all) and it is in the interest of
the magazine that the web version is freely available to
visitors, as they do for Monthly Review for example. Do comrades
want to do a job and reach the masses or what?

Jack Cade

> Louis wrote:
> (I plan to respond to this rather long article when I get the 
> chance. For 
> the life of me, I don't understand why the DSP doesn't give 
> me a head's up 
> when something like this is written.)
> Not speaking for the DSP leadership, but as the person who 
> updates the 
> Links web site I've been pretty busy lately -- so I apologise
that it 
> took so long to get this up. But for anyone who wants to read 
> Links on 
> time -- get a subscription! 
> <>
> Current editorial policy is not to post the entire contents
online as 
> soon as the issue is out - just a couple of articles; the rest
> generally put online with the next issue's leading 2 
> articles, 4 or so 
> months later.
> Apart from that, I look forward to Louis' response.
> Ben Courtice

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