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paul bunyan cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com
Mon May 16 09:19:44 MDT 2005

Tony Hartin <t.hartin at qmul.ac.uk> wrote: 
>I am against heavier armour as I am also against the patrolling of city streets >because it means the Resistance 
>has to use bigger bombs in residential areas which puts more civillian lives at risk. 
>The best way for US troops to survive their tour of duties is to agitate against the >War.
>In that respect every Resistance breakthrough increases the political pressure for a >US withdrawal.
>So for that reason I'm for the Resistance having better equipment.

Tony H

As with better armor, some liberals, namely at "Air America" are supporting the lawsuit of 19 US airmen, all officers, who were captured during the first Gulf War. They won a law suit in the US for $1 Billion in damages against Iraq, as a result of being tortured.  While oppossing torture of POW's, I don't see why the Iraqi people should have to pay for this. How much is the US paying to the survivors of the 400-500 who died as a result of the US cowardly attack against a bomb shelter in 1991? Nothing! Not a thing! A billion dollars in Iraq would probably support the secondary school system for a year, or repair the damaged and destroyed portions of the water purification and sewage treatment systems throughout the country. This is a lot more important then giving a billion dollars to 19 greedy crybabies and their attorneys.
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