[Marxism] ISO: "For a Mass, Non-Exclusionary Antiwar Movement"

Shane Brinton shanebrinton at gmail.com
Mon May 16 13:30:56 MDT 2005

> I'm sorry, and maybe it's because I'm not an American, but I find this
> pandering to American troops currently engaged in war crimes nauseating.  Until
> they develop the necessary consciousness required to disobey orders or,  even,
> turn their weapons on the officers giving them those orders, then they are  the
> enemy and must be viewed as such. If they can be recruited to the side of
> antiwar or anti-imperialism, then, yes, we do whatever we can to help and
> support them. We also do our utmost to prevent their recruitment from poor
> communities in the first place. But when in the field occupying a sovereign  nation,
> they should be denounced.

Yes, US troops are committing war crimes, yes they are the troops of
Yankee imperialism, and yes they should be denounced for their

However, they need to see that, if they do decide to defect, there
will be a large compassionate movement here to support them.

While slogans like "Bring our troops home now" show support for US
imperialism, by accepting that the troops are "ours," I think that a
slogan like "Bring our kids home now!" is very clear in its meaning --
bot anti-imperialist and compassionate!

I couple of weeks ago I met with both Camilo Mejia and Tim Goodrich
from Iraq Veterans Against the War. They both told me how important
they think being supportive of military families is. It's a big step
for a soldier to take... you know, defecting, going AWOL, etc.

We need to be there for them.

Don't get me wrong, I support the Iraqi Resistance, and recognize the
right of Iraqis to kill the occupiers of their nation, but that
doesn't mean I'm going to hate on a bunch of poor kids that didn't see
any alternative to the military.

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