[Marxism] ISO: "For a Mass, Non-Exclusionary Antiwar Movement"

Shane Brinton shanebrinton at gmail.com
Mon May 16 14:19:26 MDT 2005

> Haven't you provided your own answer to the conundrum? Why use the word
> "our" at all? If you don't like "Not one cent more for occupation and war!
> Out Now!", or if you want an additional slogan, then surely "Bring THE
> troops home now" has all the pros of "Bring our troops home now" with none
> of the cons.

I love "Not one cent more for occupation and war! Out Now!" It's a
very good one. I will use it.

I don't have a huge problem with "Bring the troops home now," since it
doesn't include anything about the troops being "ours." Although, I
think that putting emphasis on the fact that these are "our kids,"
might be more effective, since it's really touching on the self
interest aspect of the current situation, and kind of capitalizes on
the successes of the Iraqi Resistance.

We don't care about them because they are troops, we care about them
because they are our family members, compatriots, and fellow human

All this being stated... I often find myself spending way too much
time discussing slogans...

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